Farm holidays in Alta Badia

Ours is not just an ordinary farmhouse. A small group of buildings with ancient origins that once guaranteed its self-sufficiency. An heirloom surrounded by wide green spaces, which reminds us of Val Badia as it once was. An era made of quiet, rural life, agriculture, real flavours and values. This is what we want your stay in Alta Badia to be based on.

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La Vedla Fujina

In the forge, iron was once worked on the ground floor and wood on the upper floor. Today the building is used as a laboratory for the handcrafted work required by the daily life on the farm.

La Ciasa Nobla

The noble house from the 16th century is the heart of the farm, under the protection of South Tyrolean cultural heritage you'll find the accommodation of our family and guests. Of particular significance are the decorations inside the chapel from 1613, which illustrate the Creation, Moses with the copper snake and the Crucifixion. On the outside wall there are St. Christopher and St. Florian.

L’urt de ciasa

In the home garden vegetables such as peas, salad, courgette, chard and various aromatic herbs are grown with passion. Near the garden there are also some fruit trees and currant and elderberry bushes.

La bocaria

In the butcher's shop pigs and other farm animals were slaughtered as well as hunting booty. Anciently, in the courtyard in front of the house there was an oven and a large fountain, today we can see the wood chip heating system which we use to warm the house in an eco-sustainable way.

La gran majun

The main barn includes a stable on the ground floor with dairy cows and calves. Upstairs you can find hay and straw to feed the animals on the farm.

La picia majun

Horses, chickens, goats, rabbits and ducks are housed in the second barn of the farm. On the characteristic "parencinch" (balcony) once used for drying agricultural products, today wood is kept for heating the stove.

L Vedl murin dla bla

In the ancient mill the grain was ground, thanks to the strength of the water brought from the nearby stream of La Crusc. Today the building preserves the agricultural machinery of the farmhouse, while the mill, which is still working, is preserved in the small barn.

I prá dl lüch

The meadows around the farm belong to the agritourism and are mowed twice a year. In autumn, when the animals return from the alpine pasture, they spend their last weeks here in the fresh air.

Mountain flavours

Farm products born in the Dolomites

There is a large number of hectares of woodland and meadows cultivated annually on our closed farm, thanks to which we produce the hay milk, which is transported every morning to the dairy in Brunico. When you taste our fresh milk, eggs, beef and dairy products you can feel all our love for the land.

Eggs from the farm
Collection of typical peasant products
Animals on the farm

The farmstead of the agritourism

Animals also fill the Lüch Colz farmhouse in Alta Badia with life. Here the first good morning is given by the rooster while the Dolomites smile at the first sunlight. Chickens, ducks and cats run freely around the noble house. Watching the milking of our red spotted cows, feeding the rabbits or stroking one of our beautiful horses are all experiences that will enrich your holiday in Val Badia.


“Living in close contact with nature is a necessity to me. Life on the farm gives me energy and vitality and makes me rediscover the beauty of small things every day.”

Fam. Irsara
Irsara Family

Always present, with passion

Ours is a large and close family, where each one has his or her own strength and everyone makes his or her own contribution. We love what we do and we have been doing it for centuries with great passion. But above all we like to share the fruits of our work, to tell about memories and past events, to transmit some of our knowledge and to give value to the time of your stay.

Organic garden
Beet Cutting